Latest News Lance Reddick Dead at 60

I discovered him as Sylens in the Horizon series and he singlehandedly carried the Netflix Resident Evil series. This was the most unexpected death of an actor I’ve heard this year. RIP legend. This one hits hard, RIP. So many memorable performances.

Latest News: Lance Reddick Dead at 60

Yeah, that cuts real deep. Such a fantastic actor. A true Legend that will be truly missed. My heartfelt prayers and Condolences to his beautiful family. When it’s our time to depart this life we have to drop everything and answer that call.

He had a remarkable on-screen charisma, and his performance in “Horizon Zero Dawn” was exceptional. I’m sitting here crying right now

They didn’t mention his huge role is Destiny 1&2. Rip Zavala. Your duty is done. We’ll miss you. There’s other celebs that could pass but this was not one of them, this man was such a good actor and really wish he could be more, damn such a sad loss, but dying young is better than growing old and forgotten.

This Hit me so Hard, for I have followed this Actors & his performances throughout. I’m still trying to process this cause I was waiting on John Wick 4. People this just says we Never know when our Ticket is up. This Wonderful actor have given us some great performances.

Now God has added another actor to his ensemble. His presents will be missed. Now I can wait to see John wick & see him one more time. RIP Lance & Never forgotten.

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