Lead Actress in a Drama Series: 74th Emmys 2022 Awards

2022 Emmy Winners: Lead Actress in a Drama Series: 74th Emmys 2022 Awards. Her scene with her mom fighting was everything. She fully deserved it. I was at that moment… I knew she was going to win again. I don’t think I took a breathe in the first 15 mins of that episode.

Zendaya won her second emmy was the happiest thing today. She really did a great job on being Rue, consuming a big depression for portraying this role. Especially that scene with Jules, haunted in our hearts for sure. Her performance was incredible, no one deserved it more.

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Best Review Of Emmys 2022

Despite wanting Jodie or Sandra to win , Zendaya‘s Emmy was so well deserved. She‘s such an incredible actress. Agreed. I wanted Jodie to win, but Zendaya is 100% deserving of this award. All of the nominees this year are fabulous!  (Emmys 2022)

From someone who’s been watching her since the Disney days, this just makes me so happy! She’s like Big sis to a lot of us. So well deserved!! Go Zendaya!! Same, from Shake It Up to KC Undercover to an Emmy winner. She’s so talented.

Although the second season was a bit weaker in terms of the story, in my opinion, Zendaya totally earned her 2nd emmy. Her performance was sublime. I get chills thinking about it! I love anytime Sandra is nominated in a category, she shows so much appreciation for the winner even if she doesn’t win.

Emmys 2022- I was a Rue. I saw the second season a year into my sobriety and it really helped put into perspective the damage I did to everyone around me. Just sobbed so hard but I really needed to see it.

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Zendaya is incredible for her acting skills. Apart from ‘Euphoria,’ she’s been in quite a handful of thought-provoking films that will serve as a legacy throughout her career. If anything, Zendaya has worked hard through and through to get to where she is now. Acting is tough. Not everybody has the capacity to act well enough to earn rewards in return. more news click here 

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