PCB Design and Manufacturing

This program is designed to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills in schematic capture and design documentation. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

· Basics Introduction of PCB

· PCB Types

· PCB Board Style

· Parts of PCB (basic electronic components)

· Know about Bread Board

· Advantges and disadvantages of breadboard

· Definition of PCB

· Advantges and disadvantages of PCB

· Thickness of copper of PCB

· Methods of PCB Design

· Description of these methods

· Learn about Eagle pcb design software

Benefits of this course

· Knowledge of Electronics components

· Understanding of project design flow

· Experience of good learning practice

· How to design PCB schematics

Who this course is for

· People who have no experience in electronics

· Electrical and electronics engineering students

This course is update every week


Who this course is for:

  • 3. Target students are beginner in PCB design.


  • 2. Yes, other courses are require for develop electrical and electronic product.
  • PCB design course is for develop product hardware part. And if you want to make your product like microcontroller, sensors related, then you have knowledge in sensors, microcontroller.
  • How they process a application work of a human life. And have to knowledge in programming language like c, c++, python.

Last updated 8/2019


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