This “Learning and Practicing JavaScript” will explain JavaScript from the Beginning to Mastery and Focus on Practical Aspects only without waste of time and money.

This Course “Learning and Practicing JavaScript : Get Started” is the first step in the “Learning and Practicing JavaScript” Series.

It starts by Practicing JavaScript Programming basics and techniques Quickly and show you all the essentials to Master JavaScript.

In this Get Started Course You will start by learning about:

  • Storing Data.
  • Declaring Multiple variables .
  • let and const keywords.
  • write to repl it console.
  • writing to dialog boxes.
  • data types.
  • strings data.
  • numbers data.
  • Boolean data.
  • undefined data.
  • null data.
  • objects data basics.
  • arrays data basics.
  • function data.
  • arithmetic operators.
  • assignment operators.
  • strings operators.
  • incremented and decremented data.
  • logical operators.
  • comparison operators.
  • conditional statements.
  • switch case statement.
  • looping types.
  • functions, parameters and returning values.

This Get Started Course is the fastest and easiest way to get started with JavaScript and by taking this course you can go to the next step in this Learning and Practicing JavaScript Series.

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers who know other languages but are new to JavaScript.
  • first-time programmers.
  • Beginner JavaScript developer.


  • Preferably if you have some Programming experience but if you do not have experience no problem.
  • How to use Text Editors and browser Console.

Last updated 12/2018


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