LeBron James and the Lakers HOT TAKE incites reaction

He’s gonna have a lot to prove to himself and get back into rhythm 4days definitely take a lot of time off.

LeBron James and the Lakers HOT TAKE incites reaction

What stands out about the Mavs is that when Luka and Kyrie play it’s a losing record, When it’s just Luka it’s better, and when it’s just Kyrie it’s even better….

The only thing the Lakers are gonna contend for is a spot on the couch…this season was only about the scoring title for LeBron just admit it and better luck next season .

They should have talked about Embiid vs Jokic tonight.Embid is going to roll over jocik again and they will again make up some excuses for jocik. Move them goalpost.

Luka style is not winning basketball. Just like James Harden, he will put up the stats but not win. It’s bad for team ball, no matter who come and play with hm.

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Mavs messed up. Could’ve had Brunson for cheap. While also keeping Finney smith and Spencer.

Thank you max stop saying this guy’s has all these skills but in the same breath have no expectations for that player.

Of course Jay Williams is blaming Luka and Kidd over Kyrie. Kyrie has to have a tape on this dude.

max’s argument about kyrie and the w/l record is wrong because it overlooks that the mavs had to give up two key pieces to get kyrie. kyrie could make the team way better and still have his impact outweighed by the loss of finney-smith and dinwiddie.

It’s too early to tell what the lakers will do in the postseason. If they have to play in the play in tournament and earn a 7th or 8th seed I don’t like them matching up against the Nuggets, Grizzles, or Kings in the 1st round.

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