LOU Movie Review 2022 | Best Highlights 

LOU Movie Review 2022 | Best Highlights. The action version of Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse!! That made me slmost spit out my coffee!!. Both of you give good examples of what ‘so pedestrian’ means in a story pattern like this one serves up..


Dang I missed this live while watching your review for that stupid Tyler Perry movie. Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween and Helen Mirren in Red, guys…oh and Linda Hamilton..

I know Nicj reads every obscure novel every obscure movie is based on. But, does he also read every obscure novel the characters read in every obscure film?.

I rarely disagree with Joseph but I’m sorry I don’t aspire actors/actresses I like to star in Liam Neeson type movies.

Every Netflix movie is bad, bad. They should stick to documentaries. They usually hit it out of the park with those. Are there any good ones, really?.


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