Manchester City v Burnley | Key Moments | Quarter-Final

8 goals in 2 games. 42 goals this season in all comps. 6 hat-tricks (and counting) in a season.Wow! People react about this, some reaction here. You can read now.

Manchester City v Burnley | Key Moments | Quarter-Final

Like, They would need to learn where to position themselves when the ball is passed around. Haaland’s success lies in his ability to adapt to the game without attempting to change it. 

This Haaland guy doesn’t rest does he, 8 goals in the last two games. This might not even be his prime, it’s scary when you think about that. A monster that can’t be stopped.

Fair play to Burnley they actually played well for a lot of that first half, but as we’ve seen earlier this week once city have that first they may just run riot.

Sensational! Erling Haaland has fantastically scored 39 goals this season and it hasn’t even finished. His transfer from Dortmund to City is unreal.

Haaland’s movement for the fourth goal was brilliant. Pulling the defender away to give Julian space. He doesn’t just score goals. What’s crazy is he’s taken off after 60 minutes and lots of goals. I can only imagine many he would score doing 90 minutes.

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At this rate Haaland has the potential to be the greatest goal scorer and stiker of all time, insane stats this season. It’s sad,how Foden worked so hard in the match but got no goal.

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