Blonde’ Criticized for Marilyn Monroe Sexual Assault Scene

Here are all about Blonde’ Criticized for Marilyn Monroe Sexual Assault Scene. The film in my opinion was not good. Please don’t come at me, all I am saying is there were 34 scenes of Marilyn crying. Although the filmography was beautiful, the film falls short on portraying Marilyn as an actual human being, that was resilient, smart, and had a range of emotions ,not just a crying abused woman.

Here are all about Marilyn Monroe movie

The sex scenes were also very random, very exploitive and felt out of touch. As a huge Marilyn fan, they never touched on her opening up her productions and her fighting for herself against 20th century fox which showed how strong she was, also she helped her black counterparts to more opportunities in a time of racism and this was skipped over.

Those two events in her life show her kindness and strength and should have replaced those sex scenes which did nothing to show what kind of person Marilyn was, it just added to her abuse and victimization.

Her accent was also not like Marilyn. Marilyn had a almost Snow White accent that was soft and delicate, instead Anna’s accent was a bit Cuban? Is that just me lol, she is extremely talented but the film did not allow her to show her emotional range!! Marilyn has long passed, and as a long time Marilyn fan,

I just want to say please respect her legacy, she wasn’t just a sex symbol, but a talented actress, smart business women and overall wonderful human being, I don’t agree on some aspects of her life but she has had a very hard life, and is still being sexualized when she most wants to be remembered by her acting.

This is based on a Novel about Monroe, not actually her life, is just fiction. Ppl don’t understand that, and u clearly don’t either. Completely agree. A terrible movie! They betrayed Marilyn as a complete loony toon with 0 personality.

This film was horrible. I barely got to 2hrs of the film I couldn’t even watch the full 3hrs. However, the young lady that plays Marilyn M did a fantastic job. I don’t know much about Marilyn but from the few interviews I’ve seen of Marilyn and the one movie I saw with her in it from back in the day I have to say that this actress really encompass Marilyn’s voice and mannerisms.

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I watched this movie last night. The actress captured Marilyn Monroe on film very well, but I thought the storyline was awful. Granted, her life was short and tragic, but I don’t know how much depicted was true. There could have been more sordino events, but I prefer to remember the characters she played on film. She is not around to tell her own story. I would give the movie a C.

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