Mary Peltola Thanks Supporters After Alaska House Special Election Win

Mary Peltola Thanks Supporters After Alaska House Special Election Win. Well done! This Alaskan girl in Wasilla is proud to be represented by Mary Peltola. Come November Mary will be my first ranked choice!

Mary Peltola sounds like a woman with a head on her shoulders. Well spoken, respectful, sincere, intelligent, and perhaps most importantly — stable. Alaska deserves to have such a person as their representative.

she is basically a Tea party era  Sarah Palin lite. not sure what Sarah Palin was campaigning with for this election, but Mary was using all the same campaigning talking points as Tea Party era Sarah Palin. Have a feeling if she wasn’t so pro conservative values.. her pro choice stance wouldn’t have been enough to win the special election.

The new incumbent has a much more agreeable personality. I wish her the best of luck! humility, no angst,, no vitriol, no demonising, no “getting back at you”, just gratitude and humility. This is the energy that supports life, not destroy life. Time will tell what is said here is true.

Mary’s people, the Yup’ik, have been doing business in Alaska for 10,000 years. She will be a strong representative for Alaska. They’re always fighting for what’s right but they’re always on the wrong side. Mary sounds like what a politician should sound like. Her composure is so refreshing.

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The contrast between these 2 women is just amazing. Mary Peltola is gracious, humble, and eloquent. Sarah Palin on the other hand sounds crazy when she speaks. This makes me feel so much better and have more hope for the country.

Mary Peltola, you deserve this win. Stay on your guard against the wolves that run in packs. You may decide to be kind to Sarah. Soon, Trump will trash talk her as a zero not worthy of his support, blah, blah, blah. She will need a shoulder to cry on.

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