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This course on the basics and fundamentals of the business analysis introduces the students to the need and purpose of business analysis in organizations be they commercial, non-profit or even governmental.

Business Analysis uncovers and assesses needs, problems and opportunities, identifies the gaps between current capabilities and the future state and proposes viable options to get to desired future state or solution.

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We are super excited that you have chosen to begin your journey into the rewarding and compelling world of business analysis.

Business Analysis – is about the skills, techniques and tools used to better assess needs, problems and opportunities

  • So we don’t just throw money at problems (never a good idea!)
  • So we don’t deploy the wrong solution and waste precious resources
  • And in the case of opportunities, so we don’t miss out in seizing a rare opportunity that could increase our net worth

Knowledge is Power as they say – and it is even more true about being equipped with business analysis techniques.

So the BA (business analyst), using these techniques and tools, a) analyzes solution alternatives including gaps to get to desired goal, b) recommends the most viable option and c) identifies and monitors that needed business requirements, features or benefits that are needed are part of the solution when implemented.

Global Demand for Business Analysts

While many business – commercial, non-profit, or even government – use business analysis to better evaluate viable solutions so the organization don’t waste precious resources (there you go again – the tendency to just throw scarce resources at problems) good and well-trained business analysts are in short supply.

Being Familiar with Business Analysis is Like the Benefit of Knowing How to Balance our Checkbooks So We Know How Much Money is Left to Spend in Our Checking Account

Or We Become Our Own Consultant To Tell Us If it Makes Sense to Remodel the Basement and Rent It Out – and What are the Costs, Payback Period and Other Considerations

This knowledge is highly applicable to our decision-making activities with our lives, career or family.

How many times have we made bad, uninformed or wasteful decisions or missed making decisions that could have saved us money or increase our family’s assets?

Learning Journey Will Be Easier Than You Think

This process of acquiring this important discipline or knowledge that will boost your career and help you get that better job that you deserve or even become as important in the significant decisions you make in life like buying a car, a house or a rental property condo by the beach.

Please enjoy this learning adventure ?

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Every Organization Needs Someone With Fresh Set of Eyes Who Can Do Correctly the Business Analysis Work Regardless of Their Job Title

For Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations


Initially, just about anyone with knowledge of a given subject – regardless of their title – is deputized and tasked to better define a need, problem or opportunity and the options available to the organization to come up with a viable solution.

Eventually, as many enlightened organizations are doing, they establish a separate Business Analyst (BA) position after they realize how invaluable the position’s input is

a) in assessing and proposing solutions to organizations needs and problems, and

b) identifying and seizing opportunities to reduce cost, increase revenues, etc or

c) help it get to a desired future state.

And there are normally 3 major reasons for the business need to exist.

1. Problem within the organization that needs to be fixed (this is evergreen)

2. A potential opportunity the organization could take advantage of (happens all the time)

3. An externally or internally imposed change

Can you see why this knowledge is as applicable to our personal lives?

Yes – we can replace the word “organization” with “personal”. We – the people – will always have needs, problems and opportunities.

Would it help us if we have some tools and techniques to correctly evaluate those needs and propose alternative solutions and choose the most feasible option? That would be awesome, wouldn’t you think?

Thus the explosion of JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUSINESS ANALYSTS! Yet the global demand for business analysts remain high! Why? Because of the lack of proper and effective BA training based on industry standards. Well – this is our mission: to provide such a training based on an PMI-PBA globally accepted industry standard.

You Have Nothing to Lose – And Everything To Gain

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! This course provides previews of the course, covers the basic and fundamentals of business analysis, key terminologies and differentiate them with other terms to avoid confusion. The course also discusses the business ecosystem and discusses several real-life case studies.

Please check our website – www dot ilearn-iearn dot com – for the articles and blogs that we have written on the subject of business analysis, and the PMI-PBA, the professional exam-based certification in business analysis by Project Management Institute.

Four-Year Degree Equivalent  (Almost)

Did you know that there are not many 4-year college degrees on business analysis – yet is is such an important knowledge area as it is used in all organizations – be they commercial, non profit and governmental –  to better uncover and assess needs, problems and opportunities and  prevent wasteful tendencies to just throw money and precious scarce resources at the problem.

So this education in business analysis is almost equivalent to a 4-year degree – you are on the right track my friend.

Here are the 4 common degrees that employers request among entry level business analyst applicants:

1. Business Administration and Management (General)

2. Finance

3. Accounting

4. IT/ Management Information Systems

Did you see that – entry level BA. Yet these degree holders don’t have a clue what essentially business analysis is.

So you are way ahead of these people when it comes to being super-qualified for an entry-level BA position.

And the odds are stacked even higher in your favor if you have any of these 4 degrees PLUS this business analysis education we are providing you!

Awesome – isn’t it?

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with at least a high school diploma with an interest in, even curiosity about, the field of business analysis.