Mike Evans vs. Marshon Lattimore HUGE FIGHT

Here are all about Mike Evans vs. Marshon Lattimore HUGE FIGHT. I love seeing it, this has been one of the most heated rivalries in the NFL. I had a feeling this was gonna happen at some point especially considering how rough it’s been with the Bucs offense.

Ain’t really a rivalry. Just a division game to one team and the other, it’s their super bowl. You need teammates like mike evans who’s gonna ride or die for his teammates right or wrong I love it. Mike Evans

Cant lie Seeing the GOAT actually respond back to Marshon shows you how much he was really under his skin. Let’s keep it real .. whenever Tom get into a situation the team go extra hard for Brady… The true definition of a leader off camera.

He was looking a reason and he gave it to him. I’d rather see players helping the opposing team up but I can commend standing up for your team. Is what it is.

No lie Evans really wanted to Give a Spear! Spear! You can tell by his body language but he just shoved him at last second. I like how the Bucs big guys come in and push Brady away like “nope, you’re not getting involved in the fight, we got this”. Mike Evans

I’m never upset when I see a player protect their QB like that. Gotta give Evans credit for having Jameis’s and Brady’s backs. Lattimore wasn’t even going after Brady tho. Brady started chirping at lattimore then Fournette hit him. Who was Mike evans defending?

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evans vs lattimore has been such a crazy beef over the past 5 years. In 10 years times they will be working for CBS sports as best buddies and talking about there MMA career. Secret Base, if you see this, please do a Lattimore-Evans Beef History.

I think it all started cause Lattimore talked shit to Tom Brady. Then the Bucs had the “don’t talk shit to my QB attitude.” Mike Evans came in hot tho.

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