Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints | Yes Week 4 2022 Game Highlights

Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints | Week 4 2022 Game Highlights. Both teams had to show out for the international fans in London. What an insane game. probably saints cause they usually hold the london games.

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man what a game. Both Field Goal Kickers were crazy. Justin Jefferson also went back on track, with a Dominant Performance. Vikings still look hella nice.

Hey hella respect to you from a Vikings fan! Most eagles fans would’ve said “slay owns Jefferson” or “wouldn’t happen against us” haha good luck to y’all today!

Your probably the only polite eagles fan i ever came across with lol thx Bruce hopefully we can a rematch in the P.O

I had multiple heart attacks this game. That final kick was BRUTAL. That was one of the best NFL games in London ever! The amount of kicking in that game was insane, I guess they were playing more soccer than football.

This game gave me more adrenaline that most roller coasters I’ve been on. London crowd cheering for almost every play is amazing lol they’re just happy to be watching American football in person!

That’s crazy he actually made one of those 60 yard kicks. No shame in the crossbar hitting 61 yarder. S/o to the UK had a packed house crazy to see the love they have for the NFL

You know the NFL Exces are loving this international game being so exciting. The 4th quarter’s drama was really furious. From Saints comeback and the suspicious flag to the final kick which hit the bar. Really entertaining.

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It makes me happy both teams showed up and played a competitive game for the London crowd. I want the world to love football as much as I do and I get bummed when those London games duds.

Just came back from the hospital after last week’s heart attack just to get another heart attack. Thanks so much Vikings, SKOL

What a game at the end both teams had a great game in London but man that double bounce by the Saints must of hurt but London fans must of had a fun time today congratulations King.

As a Saints fan this wasn’t a bad game jolly good show. The blocking on that first TD made me shed a tear. So beautiful. I’m glad to see we finally gave London a classic regular season NFL game. More sports News click here 

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