Naomi Osaka vs. Danielle Collins Highlights

Naomi Osaka vs. Danielle Collins Highlights. Looked like an excellent match and deserved more than 3 minutes of highlights. Compliments to both ladies. The Collins backhand is just such a treat.

That 4-4 TB dig from Collins that floated perfectly onto the line was a game-changer. Naomi probably felt it wasn’t her day at that point.

Collins is a tough opponent in a first round. Osaka’s level just isn’t the same as 2019-2021. She isn’t as quick and needs to use more variety. Her chase the ball down and hit powerful angles isn’t nearly as effective anymore. She has become predictable in her tactics.

Collins is a fighter, love it, Naomi Osaka has lost her passion for the sport. Kudos to Collins she’s a tough competitor. Tough draw for Collins as a seed she drew a former Open champion in the first round. I’d love to see the extended highlights from this one.

It’s like Serena once said when the players played her, they played out of their heads.. They played like they never played before just to beat her and I think that’s the mindset she had when she beat Serena.  I don’t know what is going on with Naomi now but she doesn’t seem to have that killer instinct any more.  Plus I think there are way too many voices in her ear.

The disrespect to a 4x grand slam winner in these comments man… yes Osaka’s game clearly needs some work right now but she’ll be back winning again for sure.

Was decent match. Naomi Osaka looked calm and fairly consistent, but Collins edged her on key moments. Collins cross court backhand has solid power and great angle.

Naomi Osaka needs to learn to be a more versatile player. She just hits the ball super hard and flat. Needs to learn to hit slices or DSs, lobs, not just hit hard. Moreover, her opponent did those nice DSs in important points.

Way too many misses from Naomi. I care for her so much, I wish she can get it together and grow from this and be surrounded by positive people in her life.

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