Nick Cannon Welcomes Baby No. 10, His Third With Brittany Bell

Here are all about Nick Cannon Welcomes Baby No. 10, His Third With Brittany Bell. Something is truly wrong with all of these women being okay with being pregnant, along with others, for the same man. Brittany was pregnant with all 3 kids, at the same time as other women. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1) While pregnant with her 1st child, Nick was living with Jessica white. Jessica was pregnant and had a miscarriage.
  • 2) While pregnant with #2, Abby was also pregnant with her twins.
  • 3) While pregnant with #3, Brie, Lanisha and Abby were also pregnant.

Imagine being 1 years old, Powerful Queen (Born in 12/2020), with 6 (soon to be 8) younger siblings….that’s wild!! That’s 9 kids in less than 2 years. Nick should low key get his doula licence. He probably has over the amount of credit hours.

Here are all about Nick Cannon

Powerful’s mom, Brittany, has never been pregnant by herself with any of her 3 kids. For her 1st baby, she and Jessica were pregnant at the same time but Jessica had a miscarriage. For her 2nd, Abby was also pregnant. With this last one, Brie, Lanisha and Abby were all pregnant. (Abby is still pregnant.)

If I was her, I would be humiliated and not want anybody to know I had his kids. It makes her look extremely desperate.

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They’re going to need family reunions so the kids don’t end up dating and marrying their siblings . Nick Cannon must a billionaire because omg Child support.

The women who keep giving this man all these babies are the damn joke at this point. When he divorced Mariah, he said he going to have as many kids as she has grammy nominations…your almost there Nick Cannon!

He should just get a really big mansion and move everyone in and they can just all live happily ever after everyone but Mariah I know she would not go for any mess like that.

what in the sister wives is going on. Mariah dodged a major bullet. This guy is out here treating women like a shoe collection. What in the hell is actually wrong with this man.. when is he going to stop? Definitely compounding the issue of overpopulation.

Nick Cannon and these women having these babies may think it’s cute, but what about the children who will grow up with a fractured family? He is probably able to buy them all the toys they want, and make sure they are fed, clothed and educated, but he can’t give them the security and stability they need.

They will probably grow up to be confused children without a sense of what real family is about. If he can’t be there to be an everyday father to these children he shouldn’t be celebrated.

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