Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Ohio State Football | Full Game Highlights

Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Ohio State Buckeyes | Full Game Highlights. So good to see a real coordinator running the defense. This was a great game to win. Showed good toughness down the stretch. first game of the season. Fun to speculate, but nobody knows what kind of football team they really have yet.

We saw Georgia open up their season. Last year with a defensive battle with top 5 Clemson and they won the natty . Glad to see we have a good bend don’t break type of scheme in place this year with a dc that knows what he’s doing.

That run game really established dominance for ohio state as the game went on. Wore ND down slowly, great game.

Those two scrambling sideline throws Stoud made were other worldly. There aren’t even many NFL QB’s that would have made those throws.

That last big drive, good lord, 95 yds 14 plays to do that in the 4th qtr at that point in the game that drive was championship level!! I want the Bucks to open the season like this every year from here on out no more cupcake openers this was great.

Good to see the defense playing and keeping us in a game if we had last years defense we get blown out in this. O-H! Killed ourselves tonight with a lot of self error plays. But defense looks a lot better. Props to Norte Dame.

Great game from both teams. Ohio State’s defense looks like they’re going to step up big from 2021. Glad we won like this. Our team will appreciate but also learn alot more from winning a game like this. Alot of questions following them last season & thru the off season were answered tonight. Great win imo.

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I Love it how Everyone’s down on Ohio State, cause they had a Tough Game with The 5th Ranked Team in The Country, and an Historic Program to boot!,at Least they Played a Real Opponent in the 1st Game of the Season,That’s Freaking Way More than I can say for Alabama, who Played and Beat pretty easily,That Old National Perennial Powerhouse,in Utah State! at Least Florida Played the Real Power from Utah!Ohio State Football

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