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Here are we share all Latest news about Oklahoma football. An people were saying that Oklahoma football was a preseason contender for making the playoffs. Well they aren’t anymore after a loss like this, and you can just tell that OU was not motivated to play at all this game.

Oklahoma Football Sooners vs. TCU Horned Frogs | Full Game Reaction

Nothing better than watching a ranked team get dismantled. Their whole program is getting buck-broken. It’s fun to watch honestly. End of an era.

“TCU is running through Oklahoma football like a stimulus check” Im Dead. TCU gonna smoke your horns too!! They are definitely fired up after stomping OU today. Frogs gonna be the big 12 champs this year!

TCU eased up . They had mercy and decided not to try for 80 points and 1,000 yards of offense. They could have done it, too. OUs defense was way overmatched.

41 points at half and 14 in the second half. Yeah they eased up. But that Oklahoma defense looked like my defense when I play madden. That game was not fair. TCU against a middle school squad.

As an OU fan I’d like to congratulate TCU for playing a solid game on both sides of the field.

Our team still looks like a deer in headlights on both sides of the field so if we lose to Kansas I will not be surprised. Props to y’all & good luck the rest of the year.

Oklahoma Football QB Dillon Gabriel Takes Scary Hit vs TCU | 2022 College Football

It was kind of a late slide but at the same time, you have to anticipate a QB like that to slide, especially in the 2nd quarter. That isn’t Jalen Hurts out there. he was going for the tackle before the QB started his slide.

If QBs continue to try and utilize their feet like this in risk of this happening, they’re gonna start implementing 2 hand touch for QBs only.

The injury looked bad enough, the way his teammates were looking at him and just staring out into space, makes me think it’s really bad.

As a sooner fan, I’m not mad at a losing season. After decades of dominance against teams in this league. (See title championship list ahem 14). It’s expected for a first time HC. I’m giving it time… the system will work. This season I was hoping to just see decent team. 3/4 of teammates are freshman sophomore. So much growth. It’s exciting.

1 losing season doesn’t compare to the decades of dominance BOOMER!!

Oklahoma DB Damond Harmon Suffers Scary Injury vs TCU

Oklahoma football! That is super scary, but the deep breaths he was taking, and frantically moving his hand, leads me to believe he’s not feeling his legs. Send out a prayer that it is only temporary.

As much as we love this game its plays like these that remind us of how unforgiving football can be to those who play. Looked like a regular play until you slow it down and see the impact. Hope for a speedy recovery.

had a similar injury in highschool football not to this extent thank God and it was scary ASF alot of people don’t truly realize how sketchy and dangerous football really is I remember the fear I had it definitely shakes you to your core hopefully this player will be ok.

Twice in one game an Oklahoma football player gets a head injury…it’s unfortunate far and prayers to both never wanna see that.

I’ve never understood clapping in this situation… clapping feels great when a player gets up on his own but when there’s a game stopping injury requiring a neck stabilizer and the medical cart it feels much different.

I get that we have limited options as a crowd to make noise and I understand people are being supportive. Just always struck me as a strange response maybe it’s just me.

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