Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns | 2022 Week 3 Game Highlights

Here are about Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns | 2022 Week 3 Game Highlights. Chubb and Hunt are the best running duo in the league. I know but unfortunately if we lose them we’ll never see a winning game again they need to get them men in the end zone or they’ll leave us.

I’m not a Browns fan but I recognize it when I see it and that’s what I’ve been saying, easily best RB duo in NFL. No one’s close. Very impressed with the play of Jacoby Brissett. Man has a rocket for an arm and makes smart plays. Hope it continues for him.

I wish he played like that for us in Indy. Dude was a bum there. Glad he’s gotten another chance. Already making Watson look terrible, though he’s done a phenomenal job doing that for himself.

I’ve loved him since 3rd string on the patriots. I’m a pats fan, but I still give credit where it’s due, and follow a lot of our old players. I knew he was good, he just needed a chance with a decent team.

he is legitimately giving the browns better chances to win than an injured mayfield last year. It must be nice for browns fans to see a QB that doesn’t throw at least one interception a game.

Browns defense giving me 10 fantasy points out of nowhere. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone run the ball quite like Chubb does his balance is impeccable!

Dang man, watching the Steelers defense was giving me big time anxiety. They could not stop the run. Because the only decent guy on the line is hurt. The entire Steelers pass rush is based on if TJ Watt is in the game.

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This isn’t too surprising. The Brown’s top to bottom still has a very good roster. All they need Brisset to do is manage the game, make a few key throws to get them in the red zone, and most of all don’t turn it over. Their running game is good enough to get points on the board while their defense is pretty good. If the Browns didn’t revert back to their old ways in the Jets game, they would be 3-0 right now.

Brissett is everything that Stefanski Wanted Baker to be! Doesn’t do too much, doesn’t try to be a hero.

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Every week Brissett looks better! Really happy with what I’ve seen from him so far.very accurate and very careful with the football. Surprised by Cooper with those two big drops. Both were first downs! Still have a lot to clean up but definitely made progress.

That touchdown at the end was brutal to watch live, its like putting a bullet in someone’s head even though their already dead.

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