Rapper Coolio dies at 59

It is with great sadness that we inform you that one of our very popular Rapper Coolio has passed away. Here we tell you some of the condolences of his fans about Rapper Coolio dies at 59. .

That’s crazy, I was just listening to and watching his music video ‘fantastic voyage’ 3 days ago. R.I.P Coolio

Rest easy Coolio, you will always be remembered as a legend. Fantastic Voyage, Gangsta’s Paradise, Sumpin’ New, the theme for Kenan and Kel – my favorite sitcom, and appearing on other Nickelodeon shows, Coolio is the iconic rapper for 90s kids who are probably in the early 40s and mid 30s. Rest in Peace, Coolio. And thank you for everything and memories.

Coolio was known for many songs but “gangsters paradise” was my favorite because it was on every workout playlist I had. I could always sprint that last mile to that beat! RIP to a well-respected artist.

RIP Coolio. I first saw you at a show back in the mid 90s when I was just some punk who was bullied badly all the time at school and at home and your music was the biggest help to deal with that bs.

Anyways, after the show I was standing on this platform with a railing in the back of the venue and saw you and the 40 Thevz waking to your bus and I shouted out “Coolio! Yo! Coolio!” You walked up,

I said how amazing you are and blabbed on for a few seconds and you slapped hands with me and said “alright lil homie I appreciate that for real, hey be good, and keep looking up, peace!” and threw up deuces. Rest in paradise homie.

As a 90’s kid, this hits hard!! I remember when he was on the theme song for the Kenan and Kel show. Gangster’s paradise is my favorite song by him! He is definitely going to be missed. Prayers to the family .

Not just for “Gangsta’s Paradise”, Coolio also did the theme for “Kenan & Kel”, one of my fav sitcoms as a kid. RIP.  Click here

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Rest in peace Coolio. You are a legend and contributed to music in a revolutionary way. Fly high & say what up to 2Pac for all of us.

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