Rapper PnB Rock shot while eating at South L.A. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles: TMZ

Rapper PnB Rock shot while eating at South L.A. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles: TMZ. Imagine overcoming a youth filled with trauma & hardship, just to have it all come to an end like this.  He leaves behind 2 young children, this is every fathers worst nightmare. It’s insane that people would rather kill someone then get a JOB. RIP to this victim.

Social media either needs to get rid of the location feature or people need to just stop using it altogether because this is getting out of hand. Stop sharing your locations!

As a celebrity, you’d never catch me out in public settings like this. Ego gets them killed every time. They think they’re good in any hood when in reality they’re not. People are hungry in the streets and will take that opportunity any day.

Social media doesn’t need to get rid of location. She should’ve had common sense and not share the location of where you are with your boyfriend who’s a rapper.

He was robbed before and his girlfriend posted his location while he was eating waffles in Inglewood. This was a setup I dont care what anyone says man. In her heart she did this.

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Damn all the roscoes we have in LA, and he chooses the one in the worst hood. Sad. Well it’s very strange is that the girl did not get hit and she had just posted something on social media right before it happened that needs to be further investigated.

I love you PnB Rock your music was everything to me I wanted to meet you so bad… you literally are my idol. I know all your songs, I’ve seen how you “came out the mud”  I watched you documentary on your past.

I started making music because of you. For the first year of mine and my wife’s relationship we listen to nothing but your music. You said “I wonder when I die, will they miss me?” Yes… yes you will. We love you and please Rest In Peace. More news click here 

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