Rihanna to Headline Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show 2022

Here are all about Rihanna to Headline Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show. Well congrats to RiRi STANS, it’s clear an album is definitely on the way now. So yall can look out for it either right before or just after the performance. Free promo right there.

All Highlights about Rihanna

Honestly she deserves it Rihanna is always been an icon, beautiful, & talented singer you gotta give this woman props she’s been on the music industry since 2005! I love her music she’s part of my childhood & celebrity crush!

Even though she has other important businesses careers & become a billionaire congrats to her but she will always be a legend singer Rihanna has come a long way! Can’t wait for her performance at the super bowl 2023.

Can’t express how happy I am to see Ri back in action. Understandable that not many new age music buffs are as thrilled as me. But they get their way all the time. Nice that the older generations are getting their way from time to time. the amount of HITS Rihanna is going to be able to perform at the superbowl.

Rihanna and her fans/generation aren’t even that old, especially when you consider that Superbowl Headliners are established superstars with at least a decade worth of hits to play at that stage. What new music buffs are you talking about?

She hasn’t released music in more than 5 years not just 2 years lol congrats to her on being called to perform at the superbowl. Always wanted either her or Ciara Rihanna is the best. I can’t wait til 2023.

General everyone knows rihanna does’nt write any of her songs. But she is also a dancer unlike Sia who would bore the audience by just standing there. I’m saying this and i love SIa.

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I think Britney is hinting on the superbowl too. Maybe they will coheadline like jlo and Shakira. I would love th myat to happen. Both amazing performers and both have not done music in so many years. And what better way to have their come backs than at the Superbowl. More news click here 

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