With more than 130 million monthly users Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform for sharing your photos. Almost every band and brand is there which makes Instagram your Number 1 channel to promote your work as a Photographer.

I am a concert/music photographer, but this course is suitable for every photographer who wants to get more followers, more likes and grow her/his brand.

Your Profile page and your Instagram feed are crucial to WOW new visitors. I’ll show you exactly how to set them up up for success.

I´ll show you how to build followers on Instagram by posting photos, videos and stories and making the most of hashtags. With my methods, you can grow a following even if you’re jus starting out.

My proven and easy-to-follow-strategies and tactics that will get you more likes and more recognition as a concert photographer.

The top tools to skyrocket your engagement on Instagram without wasting time sitting in front of your smartphone. My Nr.1 tool is for free!

Who this course is for:

  • Photographers who want to learn to market their brand