How a ballboy became a legend: Roger Federer’s career highlights

Here are about How a ballboy became a legend: Roger Federer’s career highlights. I’m going to miss watching him work his magic. I love watching Rafa and Novak but Roger has always been a bit different. As a tennis player you could at least understand those other guys and what they did a bit.

But Roger? What he did always felt otherworldly. I can imitate shots or defense from Rafa and Novak but in all the years of playing tennis, I never felt like I could play or do things like Roger, he’s too special. Definitely the most gifted player of all time.

I felt teary when The Undertaker bowed out from WWE and now for Roger Federer. Tennis won’t be same again, love you man, you’re pure gem, legend GOAT #1 in Tennis’ history,

no doubt Nadal and Djoker have their own place but to me you are most amazing, thank you for what you did to Tennis, giving greatest moments to Tennis fans all over the world.

The legend of tennis. Now the tennis has completely changed for me. Thank you for your memories that u gave to millions of people. The most humble, polite, a true gentleman who became a biggest star of tennis.

he made tennis graceful, elegant and a pleasure to watch. Career stats for fedsqaush only won 1 out of 3 matches agaisnt his 2 rivals novak/nadal in GS that is a 33% winning record which is a failure!!

Never beat nadal once at french and had 18 yrs to do it, lossed to Djoki 3 times in a row wimbledon finals on his suppose best surface and the crwods all on his side too!! Proves fedsqasuh mental strength was very weak just like his backhand, 50% of his titles were on the B circuit 250/500 tournaments,

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Won 10 less master titles than Djoki which proves u have to be even more consisitent in best of 3 and he wasn’t…only won 4 GS finals out of 14 agaisnt his 2 rivals another failure..H2H losing record agaisn novak/nadal too!!

Tennis is only so popular, because it’s entertaining to watch, not because of the results… And it needs entertaining players like Roger or Nick for example, have a look at how many people watched their matches in comparision to Novak or Rafa.

Thats the most important numbers. And I want to feel entertained, don’t you? Plus courts got way slower from the late 2000s on, which surely didnt favor Rogers game. I loved watching him, even when he lost, it was great entertainment! Most of us are surely gonna miss him.

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