***  This course requires access to an SAP System. Should you need access, you can do my course of how to get access to a SAP system in 30 minutes for free. Just search for “Your own SAP Cloud System in 30 minutes”

This course is for BPC, BW and SD consultants who want to create an integrated Sales Price Planning solution in SAP BPC Embedded. This lecture is the first of a series of lectures on how to create a fully integrated planning solution in SAP BPC Embedded.

Prior experience with SAP BPC is assumed. If you do not the required level of knowledge, please look at completing this course first: SAP BPC Embedded Fundamentals for Planning Applications. This course is also suited for those who have completed the Fundamentals course and want to expand their knowledge of BPC Embedded.

This course will cover the end-to-end configuration required in SAP ERP, SAP BW and BPC to create a Sales Price Planning Application, and in particular, will cover the following topics:

  • A quick overview of SAP SD pricing conditions we are interested in,
  • Building the required views and extractors in SAP ERP,
  • Creating the DataSources in SAP BW,
  • Creating the staging objects in SAP BW,
  • Creating the Planning Objects in SAP BPC, such as
    • InfoCubes,
    • Aggregation Levels,
    • Filters,
    • Queries,
    • Planning Functions and
    • Planning Sequences

This course is specifically aimed at the core functions in SAP BPC Embedded to create a Sales Price Planning Application. It is ideal for students who have completed the Fundamentals course to further their study into creating a real-world planning application.

What this course is not:

Topics covered in the introduction course mentioned above, such as security, reporting options and the basics of planning are not covered. We will focus on the core functions only. This course is also not an SD course. We will only look at those components of SD required for enabling planning in SAP BPC.

Who this course is for:

  • SAP SD consultants who would like to understand the planning options available in SAP BPC.
  • SAP BPC Consultants who needs to create integrated SD Price Planning applications in SAP BPC.
  • SAP BW consultants who needs to create SD planning applications.


  • Basic understanding of SAP BPC Embedded.
  • Basic Understanding of SAP BW.
  • Understanding of SAP SD would be beneficial, but is not required.
  • Basic knowledge of ABAP would be beneficial.

Last updated 9/2019


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