The Ultimate Guide to get high rank to your site on search results:

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I’m pleased to introduce the best and the strongest guide to get high-ranking placement to your site in the search engines. these factors really make many websites to appear in the results of the first page even if these sites were relatively small and make the results of many other sites disappear and become in the latest pages. In the search engine.

This guide concentrates on three factors :

1- High ranking factor: that forms a basic to high ranking of your site.

2- Bad factors : that falls the site into the gutter and may lead to google’s penalty

3- Google’s Algorithms : we will talk about algorthims that control and help site to appear in the first or in the last results of the search engine.or to be excluded ,then I will teach you how to protect your site from any penalty .

First :what are high ranking factors?

there are many positive factors that get website on the first pages of google ,we will talk about the most important ones as follows:

1- RankBrain factor (involves the following: (

A- User Experience (UX) is considered to be the most important factor after latest update.

B- ON-page SEO

C- the term of micro niche (now visitor prefers niche site than public one)

D- the targeted keyword and its similar.

2- effective SEO techniques which considered to be the most important factor on archive’s site and its results on google search :

A- Page speed.

B- Internal link.

C- social signals.

D- voice search.

E- other effective factors that we will dicuss in this course.

search console must be taken into consideration that contain many useful and important tools for webmasters.

1- sitemap

2- robots.txt file

3- some other useful tools .

Second: Factors may drop your site ranking in the search engines ,where we will discuss the most important reasons that cause the exclusion of some pages or a specific result of the search ,also we will know what reasons for the decline of site’s visits,then we will mention the most important reasons as follows :

Trap of Bad Content : The bad content has a very dangerous effect on the results of any site in the search engines, in order to avoid that we will learn the following things:

· What is bad content?

· What are the most important questions for writing content successfully?

· then,I am going to give you some important tips in order to write high-quality content.

dummy backlink :

it affects the search results and may cause to removal of a specific result from the first page and drop it in the last pages,so to avoid that we will learn the following things:

What is bad backlink?

· Some important tips to avoid riskness of Baclink on the results of your site.

· How to build your own good backlink?

· The most important factors that may affect the ranking of your site.

There are many other factors that affect the ranking of the site in the search results, but we will talk about the most important of these malicious factors, which include:

1- sudden changes in the site.

2- Addresses errors and meta description.

3- some other malicious factors.

Third: What are Google’s algorithms that affect the ranking of the site in the search results then,we will talk about the most important Google algorithms which is affecting the ranking of the site such as ;Google Panda, Penguin and Fred.

Also, what are the recommended ways to avoid Google penalty , and how to make these algorithms good for your site.

thank you again….

Who this course is for:

  • Content Creators & Bloggers
  • Anyone who wants to improve his / her / other (e.g. your friend/client) website’s ranking in search results
  • Anyone looking to develop SEO friendly WordPress website
  • SEO users building web sites for Google search
  • Web Designers and Web Developers who wants to design / develop search engine optimized website
  • Anyone looking to improve their website’s search ranking