Serena Williams vs. Danka Kovinic Highlights | 2022 US Open Round 1

Serena Williams vs. Danka Kovinic Highlights | 2022 US Open Round. Just seeing her highlights Serena has improved her power shots looked very much what we are use to. I hope she does well.

Her movement looked better than I seen in a while. She actually reset a couple rallies which I hadn’t seen her do since Australia.

Serena Williams played very well in the second set. I was also surprised that she got to some of those dropshots. Best I’ve seen her play in a long time. Not just fitter but technically more sound.

And she doused the tension off the crowd with a sterling performance. Congratulations Serena. This could be Serena’s last official win before retirement. Fantastic from the GOAT.

Serena played well and looked amazing while doing it. I hope she keeps up the energy and the level for the next match! Let’s go!

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I was there tonight. The support and love shown towards Serena in that stadium was so palpable and incredibly moving. She deserves nothing less.

The massive crowd cheered fervently every point Rena made as if it was the last of her incomparable career.

What an atmosphere! She so deserves it!

Can’t wait for the next game.

Serena Williams played excellently here, and it was great to hear the sheer amount of well-deserved support she got from the audience! Hope to see that she’ll be closing the book on her career with some more excellent wins!

Serena Williams is moving pretty well, which is reassuring to see. As long as she stays in command of points and doesn’t let them drag on too long, she should be able to make a deep run in the tournament!

Man that crowd noise is unreal for any tennis match I’ve watched. Incredible support for her. It is a ultra emotive sensation how everyone in the stadium was acclaiming each action of Serenas last championship.

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