Sherri Papini Shown Speaking to Cops Wearing Nose Bandage

Today we share about Sherri Papini Shown Speaking to Cops Wearing Nose Bandage. I remember when this aired on ABC 20/20 when the story first broke out and they kept referring to her as a “super mom” and I remember thinking there was no reason for it, but they really hammered on that label simply because she would go out out for a run/exercise daily on top of her parental chores while being a stay-at-home mom.

Here are all about Sherri Papini

Just a ridiculous insult to all the actual super moms out there that raise their children adequately, some without the help of a husband, and some working 2 jobs, but ABC called this one a super mom even though her story already seemed fraudulent. Missing white woman syndrome put on a pedestal for being so pure prior to going missing.

I live in Memphis and we recently just went through the horrific Eliza Fletcher murder case and seeing this loony, selfish and manipulative women is so infuriating.

Eliza was the true definition of a super woman who took care of her husband, children and prekindergarten students day in and out. Eliza was a avid runner and she literally fought for her life the morning she was kidnap.

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This story is so disappointing to real victims of crimes like this. Sherri Papini needs to endure the consequences and be charged as a kidnapper period.

What on earth goes through the mind of a compulsive sociopathic liar? 18 months, not enough. The fact that she broke her own nose to keep up the story about her “abduction” is insane.

Keep in mind she blamed two imaginary Latina women for kidnapping her and even made composite sketches, casting suspicion on minority women all over NorCal. She’s a menace and this generation’s Susan Smith.

Sherri Papini would of been a great story-teller or a writer if she just put that on paper. You know what else is embarrassing faking a kidnapping and having your children live with that embarrassment.

Poor Keith and children really got put through the ringer. I don’t even know how you recover from such calculated manipulation imposed upon you and you’re nothing but SUPPLY to your own mother, in particular.

Imagine, Sherri Papini could’ve send two innocent Latina women to jail just to cover up her affair. I’m glad they found out she was lying. She wanted to tell her story with her eyes closed because “The eyes, chico. They never lie.”

I’m not a body language expert but she seemed to be in a very defensive posture, like protective or guarding her secret. Wanting keep her eyes shut as well, not wanting to look in their eyes from fear of them (cops) seeing through her lies. Just little signs that might or might not mean much but pretty sure the cops took note.

To my understanding her husband has either since divorced her or is in the process of and also kicked her out the house. He didn’t want her near him or their children. Gone  Girl in real life but the ending is she doens’t get away with it.

Sherri Papini wanted to leave her husband and kids for another guy, but it didn’t work out. They need to stop calling her a super mom she had no job yet still sent her kids to full-time daycare she’s no super mom she reminds me of shenan watch that scammer that also pretended to be a stay-at-home mom which she was not both scammers and Liars.

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