Sister Wives Premiere: Kody’s BIGGEST Fear About Christine Revealed

Sister Wives Premiere: Kody’s BIGGEST Fear About Christine Revealed. Good grief Cody the abuser and user. (Sister Wives Premiere) These women deserve a better life and I am so proud of Christine for moving on with her life. Brave and strong woman she is. She is an inspiration to so many women that have suffered similar situations.

Sister Wives Premiere: What did she suffer lol? She chose to be married and she left. Seh became a celebrity because she was a sister wife she actually benefitted from the marriage lol.

It’s true. My husband went to visit his family for 4 months and I was all alone. That is when I realized I can survive by myself. You see, when they leave the wife all by herself and neglect her on purpose, she realizes how strong she really is without the man. She realizes she can survive on her own!

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Sister Wives Premiere- Kody's BIGGEST Fear About Christine Revealed

Sister Wives Premiere: Kody is a manipulator, highlighter and abuser. He lacks accountability. He emotionally and physically neglects his family members and blames them for protecting themselves from him.

I’ve been following this since they announced last year (and their family for years) and it is interesting to see how it is playing out on TV. He really told her he didn’t want an intimate relationship and is actually upset she is leaving.

He must think very low of Christine, as if she doesn’t have any self-confidence or can’t do better without him! WTF! You have 3 other wives and expect her to be okay with not having something that the others get (except Mary supposedly).

And you still are trying to control her upon the split?! Yet he ‘says’ he is worried about Christine exposing their daughter Truly to an anti-polygamy community…ummmm….then WTF is she experiencing now?! Kids aren’t dumb and I am pretty sure she is aware of the divide (except during COVID and seeing the unequal treatment between her family and Robin’s). And pretty much all of Kody’s kids have stated their opposition to that lifestyle!!!

Sister Wives Premiere: This whole thing is not about feelings, it is about control, money and the fear that his wife will find someone better than he ever was! He has proven over and over again that he is a very selfish man and doesn’t care about these women (except Robin).

No one deserves to stay in a relationship like that, especially with ultra toxic men! he says he would never “leave” a, he just neglects her, sexually/emotionally abandons her. Her confused and bewildered expression was the best! I loved her cackling at his dumbass excuses off camera too.

Since when is it ‘HIS money’? Shouldn’t it have been ‘OUR money’? Christie. Gave Kody 30 years of her life. The only reason why Kody is upset is because Christine took power and control over the relationship and his ego couldn’t handle it. He doesn’t care about Christine or the kids. He is abusive and self serving.

I am so happy that Christine got away from him. She deserves to be happy. Christine is leading an example for any woman who wants to leave an abusive toxic relationship, polygamy or otherwise. The world is literally watching her and has watched her life and she still had the courage to get up and go.

Sister Wives Premiere- Granted I’m trying to read between the lines, but is he saying he doesn’t want Christine to come after him for child support? Even though her minor child should be supported by the father, I think Christine will raise her daughter the same way she has been doing for years, as the main financially and emotionally supportive parent.

I have said this before and I will say it again, they are not legally married so he has no say over anything she does. It is ridiculous! Cody is a controlling jerk! (Sister Wives Premiere)

It was the money she made. I guess that makes it his now. Where did the ours go? I can not believe that he said those things to her about a money grubbing new boyfriend!!!! Wow, even I know Christine would never do that. She’s not that kind of person.

What a tool he is. She is not trying to hurt her family. She just wants to stop feeling unwanted and unloved. She deserves so much better. I thought there for a min he might actually apologize to her but then the money grabbing accusations started and I knew he just didn’t have it in him.

So Kody thinks Christine & her new boyfriend may do to him, what HE did to David, Robyn’s husband! In the end all this guy cared about was money. So sad!  Christine you made the right choice! Most definitely.

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I honestly can’t stand this man. I am so happy Christine was the smart one that realized this control freak shouldn’t have that extra sec in her life. He didn’t care about her feelings but quickly told her about perhaps her future boyfriend and their money. He is a joke.

Talk about a greedy user thank you Cody for showing us what one looks like. What a creep all he cares about is the money. Bottom line the man has a favorite wife as she also stated. What woman stays in a relationship knowing that he does. Click here for more news about Sister Wives Premiere.

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