Steelers to face Browns in TNF, fans call for Tomlin to start Pickett over Trubisky

Steelers to face Browns in TNF, fans call for Tomlin to start Pickett over Trubisky. Canada’s play-calling and scheme is absolutely not working. And I think the patience Tomlin is having is for Canada, and doesn’t want to throw the rookie into that mess. Everyone wanted to give Ben all the blame last year – but this looks like literally the exact same terrible offense as last year, except now they don’t have a HOF quarterback to potentially bail them out at the end of games.

Kaboly set Colin straight on his Steelers offense spending take lol. The writing is on the wall: Trubisky and Canada’s days are numbered. The Steelers will trudge along and lose a number of games but when Watt comes back if they aren’t over .500 then the team will go with Pickett and probably a new OC. There is talent all over on the offense. Unfortunately the QB can’t get them the ball and the OC can’t put them in the best positions to succeed.

“Tomlins never had to deal with this before.” This guy forgets about the Duck. Tomlin put Duckmin there over Mason simply because we were winning with Duck. I think you would be surprised. If Trubisky keeps on stinkin’, we will see Pickett. The Steelers

If a media member interviews mark kaboly without mentioning the sandwich in the pocket, then that media member should lose all credibility. Do your homework Collin, you just got kicked in the teeth by an absolute HUMAN.

90 % of fans are armchair QB’s, it happens in all sports but football, omg, replace this guy, it was the offensive coordinator, it’s the coach, it’s the refs. Commentators used to just comment in the proceedings, they didn’t have fantasy teams, which I don’t get at all, it’s all about control and their opinion.

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I can’t watch any of these anymore, because I like just an overview of the game, not how much Tom and Gisele argue, or who’s shoes he waring, football commentary has turned into a hype machine mixed with soap operas. Good luck everyone. The Steelers guy is how I picture what all Steelers fans look like. That dude looks like his order for 30 wings all drums is ready and he is ready to eat.

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