Stephen A. reacts to Donovan Mitchell being traded to Cavaliers

Stephen A. reacts to Donovan Mitchell being traded to Cavaliers. It feels like a balance between the pain he feels from the knicks and the constant criticism of the cowboys. You give and you get.

“Stephen A Smith is a character. It’s all a performance. Always yelling n being dramatic plus the guy was on general hospital, just saying.

NGL it looked like Stephen A was crying in the thumbnail .. wouldn’t blame him., but if we’re being honest, as soon as the Knicks gave RJ that 120 million dollar extension, they basically said they weren’t going to sign Donavan… still didn’t see the Cavs pulling this off tho.

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Cleveland pretty good last season? This could be huge for the East.

I agree that the Knicks are absolutely useless when it comes to getting great players but I’m proud of Leon Rose for not giving up that many assets for Mitchell. I mean Ainge wanted Jesus and about 10 first round picks it was ridiculous so I’m not mad about it but I agree with what Stephen A. was saying.

The jazz were prepared to trade Mitchell for 2 first rounders, 2 2nd rounders and RJ Barrett. As a Jazz fan I’m so glad the Knicks said no because we got a much better deal from the Cavs.

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It’s not that we couldn’t get him, we (the front office) didn’t want him for the price they were being charged. The last time we listened to you, we traded away the team for Melo.

Stephen Smith bellowing like this pushes the narrative that the Knicks are incompetent. The Knicks didn’t want to mortgage their WHOLE future for a piece like this. The Cavs are in a better position than the Knicks so they can afford a move like with w/o sacrifice depth nor youth.

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