Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: 74th Emmys 2022 Awards

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: 74th Emmys 2022 Awards. Hate to say it, but this was Rhea’s best chance to win. She absolutely deserves to win for playing Kim Wexler so well, but by the time she (hopefully) comes back to the Emmys next year for the back half of Season 6,

Lead Actress in a Drama Series: 74th Emmys 2022 Awards

Emmys 2022- Better Call Saul won’t have the momentum it has right now. Was always a long shot to win against Emmy favourite Garner, a shame Seehorn likely won’t be recognised for her role at the Emmys.

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She was incredible in the last season, but she already won 2 times for this role. Rhea Seehorn and Better Call Saul was snubbed but they will be forever remembered in pop culture and by fans. In 10 years we will still be talking about Better Call Saul and the Breaking Bad universe.

Rhea seehorn was absolutely snubbed no matter how you look at it! The way she had to act Kim wexler in different ways for the series was crazy and she nailed it everytime, her being a perfect lawyer,

her “having too much fun” with Jimmy and paying the consequences for it and then as the kim in black and white. I like both rhea and Julia… this was tough. Had better call Saul’s second half of the season been in the contest, she Rhea would have won hands down.

I love Julia Garner in Ozark and yes she is deserving, but man she’s already won it twice before for Ruth….Rhea Seahorn is so dang deserving as well and keeps being overlooked for BCS. Was really hoping Rhea was going to get the honor tonight.

Emmys 2022- I hate to see Christina & Sydney lose but Julia’s post-Wyatt scene in the final season was incredible. Also, I’m assuming her hair is like that for the Madonna biopic.

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Everyone thought that Rhea Seehorn was gonna win and that’s because she was genuinely obviously supposed to win, She deserves it so much, she was snubbed. I’m not saying that Julia Garnet is a bad actor, she’s definitely good, but Rhea is just better.

Rhea Seehorn lost? Sacrilege and proof Hollywood awards shows don’t know jack. Rhea has been snubbed for years. i’m a lil disappointed. Better Call Saul in general has been snubbed for years.

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