Tennessee Football: Josh Heupel details 38–33 win over Florida

Tennessee Football: Josh Heupel details 38–33 win over Florida. Congrats Vols! Don’t remember the last time SEC East has been this competitive. As a UF alum, sad to see Gators lose but they also didn’t give up either which I’m okay with. I respect Tennessee more than Kentucky, don’t know why but I just do.

Coach Heupel looks to be y’alls coach, and once Billy settles by Year 2 or 3 (I trust in the process just like y’all did with Heupel’s Year 1 last year), it’s gonna be fun to see the back and forth for the next coming years. Go Beat Kentucky!!!

I hate KY,they win lime 2 years and the fans get worse than Bamas jokes aside Fla shouldve won but Napier lost that game. Hes a bad coach and you guys need to get him out as soon as possible,Urban would come back to Fla now if it opened up.

GO VOLS I love our program and fans are just amazing!!!!But finally they have a week off for CT to be back!!!We beat Florida. In 2020 we won 3 games and now we are going to be in the top 10. Can we not acknowledge improvements?

These men looked so good tonight. I never felt like we were in danger of losing, other than the last 16 seconds. And they answered like they should. Love this team and these coaches.

Still a long way to go kind of scary if you think about LSU even though they are overrated overpaid if we can keep our composure and get a couple guys back and don’t turn the ball over we might have a chance.

To the Vol fans mad about this win. How many times have you seen us beat Florida at all in your life? Exactly…. just enjoy the win and shut up.

Great win!!! Outstanding job. NOW, HOW DO YOU HANDLE PRAISE??? Do you come in and get ready for LSU and try to go 1-0 or is the season over cause you beat Florida??? This will tell me if the Vols are truly back.

If your negative as a fan after this win and the progression this team is making its a you problem and not a program/team problem. Look Vol Nation we won the game we are 4-0 lets go Vol nation.

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