Terry Bradshaw Shares Private Battle With Cancer 2022

Terry Bradshaw Shares Private Battle With Cancer. Sending prayers and love to Terry! He seems like such a sweet man and I hope the absolute best for him! I’ve been a Steelers fan from Hawaii for forty six years. Loving thoughts and prayers to Terry and his family.

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My heart and prayers and thoughts go to your family I hope God truly brother blesses you and I hope you get through this in a timely manner you’re in my thoughts and prayers you are so very talented.

I think like a lot of us Terry Bradshaw has always been the best part of My Sunday football game, Wishing him a speedy recovery and sending him prayers! we Love you Terry! Mr. Bradshaw, water fast for 30 days and eat only protein and fats. God bless you Hero.

Cancer is such the villain but God is able to decimate and cancel out a sickness and disease I pray he kicks cancers.

Stay well Terry, no one gives a play by play better that you!! Love your Joking with family on your family show!!!

He is so energetic yet so out of breath at the same time it’s hilarious, love this dude. I remember the first time I met Mr. Bradshaw! He had lunch with my unit in Hawaii!

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I sneaked and took a picture with my flip phone before they had real cameras and screens,( 2004).lol…I threw my phone away because I couldn’t see him in the picture.

Wow He’s a couple of months younger than my old man and all my old man every talks about is what’s gonna happen after he dies.. It pisses me off and most of the time I wanna walk away mid conversation.

this video makes me realize it’s possible to want to have more fun and to want to be part of special things at 70 something. More celebrity News click here 

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