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The Content industry is growing exponentially every single day on the backs of everyday people like you & me. And it WILL replace Education (College) & Entertainment (TV).

Much like Amazon killed Retail Stores, the Education & Entertainment Industries (both Multi-Billion Dollar Industries) are slowly being replaced with Content that’s more readily available & exponentially cheaper.

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Why not leverage one of the top Content Sites out there right now, Skillshare.

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Who this course is for:

  • anyone that wants to work for themselves
  • anyone that wants to start generating passive income
  • anyone that wants to become a skillshare instructor
  • anyone that is already a Udemy Instructor
  • anyone that is looking for other places to upload content & videos to
  • anyone that wants to work from home
  • anyone that wants to work for themselves
  • anyone that has videos they want to make money off of
  • anyone that wants to escape their 9-5