The Queen Elizabeth is grandchildren hold silent vigil around coffin

Here are about The Queen Elizabeth is grandchildren hold silent vigil around coffin. I recall standing with my siblings and cousins around our Grandpa’s open casket and together we made a promise to him to keep the family flag flying high at all times.

The Queen Elizabeth is grandchildren hold silent vigil around coffin

I’m actually shocked that the queen has a 14 year old grandson, james, I was wondering who is this this child with his grown counterparts. His the youngest son of the youngest son of the queen!

Out of all her Majesty’s protocols, this is the most real,poignant and beautiful tribute she has received. Poignant and beautiful to see all the Queen’s grandchildren United honouring her.

She is not just a queen, a wife, and a mother, but a history of the contemporary world. Even more important, she is part of every person’s living memory. That is why we were touched when she left.

Nobody should be in any doubt about how loved Her late Majesty was. The outpouring of emotion throughout the UK has showed that she was treasured and massively respected by many millions of people. The endless queues of people wanting to pay their respects speaks volumes. May she rest in peace.

You can see on Harry and William’s faces how hard this must be. Losing a grandparent is never easy. I hope they take the time they need to grieve this momentous loss.

It’s the end of an era. The Queen will be sorely missed. This vigil was beautiful and respectful and it honored Her Majesty as it should. Deepest condolences to The Royal Family for their loss. Am really glad to see all the queen grandchildren present to honor her.

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This must be so hard for the youngest grandchildren, Prince Edward’s kids to do that. James is only 14 and he did it with so much respect and maturity. Prince Edward’s family is my favourite.

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