This is it For Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen…

Thistle is it For Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Sucks for their children. Hate to see a marriage fail. The loss of the dream of the family is a heartbreak for the parents and the children. Sucks for her children that Gisele couldn’t handle her husband’s passion for the sport instead of being a supportive wife.

Here are all about Tom Brady

She clearly wanted him at home, and she waited, and she thought he’d quit, and then he didn’t. The kids are the ones who will be hurt the most. It’s sad. So he’s supposed to give up what he loves while she is still fucking doing what she loves?

I think what she loves is being a mom, seeing how she no longer models. Is she not allowed to do that? ok he wins another ring how does that fix her wanting him to be around his kids more.

I have a hard time believing they are getting divorced over unretiri group. There has to be much deeper issues. Whatever happens, I wish them both all the best. Hopefully they’ll work something out.

Bro whoever leaked this is a terrible human being. I hate Tom Brady probably more than anyone ever, but this is extremely personal and private info that should’ve never been shared until it was made final in court. I’m sorry his kids will not only have to go through it in real life, but online as well, smh.

that’s his job plus he said he apologized watch the whole video his job is to make videos on the biggest NFL trending news.

Anytime a family, involving children, breaks up it is a sad situation. I feel sorry for the children. Let’s be real… we mortals will never know what it is like to the Brady’s. I wish this family all the best.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot already Mike, so I’ll make it short. It’s your channel and your job is to deliver news. I respect the hell out of you Mike, I’m just glad that you’re looking more happy lately.

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Dude you don’t have to apologize. We’re here because you bring us the latest and greatest sports news, no matter what that might be. Thanks for all the great videos!!

“You either die the hero or live long enough to become the villain.”

I hope he hasn’t over stayed his welcome in the NFL. Tom Brady.

Great content Mike!!! You could see the pain and depression in his face on Sunday night hope he and Giselle find a great resolution in this. Crazy stuff to go through.

Damn! Hate to see this happen to anyone, let alone this being TB and Gisele. Perhaps they can find their way back eventually.

The biggest loser in this situation is the children. I hope neither parent uses the children as a weapon. Sad situation.

This whole situation makes me terribly sad. I know it’s strange to feel sad for celebrities that I don’t know or have ever met but I feel sad because yes I am a Brady fan but as a husband & dad myself I have appreciated the off field stuff & know that in the grand scheme of things family is bigger & more important than sports.

I will pray that they can find a better way than divorce but if it goes that way so be it. As for the supposed situation of Tom Brady still playing I can see it from Gisele’s point of view I am not simply “Team Tom” I understand where she is coming from to.

Anyway that’s my 2 cents worth & I wish them well & I will continue to root for Tom Brady & I hope he can go out a champion which he deserves. Take care. More celebrity News click here 

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