Thursday Night Football Preview: Key storylines, best bets for Dolphins-Bengals

Thursday Night Football Preview: Key storylines, best bets for Dolphins-Bengals. Another week and another strong feeling for a dolphins win. If tua starts and finish this game. If teddy comes out it will be a loss teddy plays like a deer caught in the headlights. Fins up 32 17. If teddy plays then 9 -17 bengals.

I say 23-20 Phins. This just depends stamina from both teams coming in on a short week. Turnovers, sacks and running game will be the keys to victory for the winning team. Best defensive line and offensive line will win this.

“Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.” Other than the jets, the Fins have been the dogs every week. I’m ok with that.

I mean it’s facts either way Miami wins I’m siked and if we lose 3-1 after the schedule they played is a great outcome.. sooo it’s not thinking it’s a Fact you.

I would love to see my team go 4-0 but I don’t think we are beating the the bengals tonight. Too short of week and we are banged up 3-1 after tonight after these 4 weeks I will take that outcome.

Oh ye of little faith.. go root for TB or Josh Allen ..bengals on a short week and banged up too so what gives ?

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Finally a logical Miami fan. Anything can happen in football, it’ll be a good game for sure. 3-1 is awesome because you beat the Bills. Good opportunity to finish 10-7 or better. I think 12-5 if you beat the Bills again wins you the division.

This is a bad spot for Miami. Short week and they’re still probably exhausted from the Buffalo game in the heat, and they really don’t need to win as much as Cincinnati does.

Why is everyone acting like they know what back injury he has?  The spine is huge and it could be all kinds of different things.  My lawd.


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