Tracking Hurricane Ian: Storm rapidly intensifies as it approaches Cuba and Florida 10am

Here are about Tracking Hurricane Ian: Storm rapidly intensifies as it approaches Cuba and Florida. (Tracking Hurricane Ian)  As a native Floridian who has watched a lot of hurricane weather presentations over my sixty years, I have to say that Pat Cavlin’s presentation is among the very best I have ever heard. He is very informative and explains concepts well without being too technical.

Here are best thinking about Tracking Hurricane Ian

His interaction with the technology and graphics is outstanding. Pat, I live in Tallahassee, FL, which is a much smaller media market than Houston, TX, but will you consider moving here to do the weather?

I am really impressed with your coverage on the storm. Your explanation of the storm and the impacts was so helpful in understanding the storm. Your zeal for life and weather is dully noted. Well done!

Wow! This guy is by far the best most concise weatherman I have ever seen. Amazing job brother, easy to follow and understand, not too much jargon and relays information with clarity and confidence. This man is great. Best meteorologist there is. Keep up the good work sir.

I live in West Palm Beach and I have to say this broadcast and meteorologist is the absolute best I have seen! I learned more from this than any local stations here on the east coast of Florida. Thank you for your excellence in reporting on something so very important to people in my situation.

I’m in FL, and I’ll be following you from now on. I love the explanations and the really puts this all in perspective what I’m about to face.

I’ve spent the past hour looking at various Hurricane Ian presentations. This is BY FAR the best. Keep up the good work young man, because you are a natural born teacher.

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Excellent presentation Mr. Calvin! I’ve been following various weather stations (even though I live on the west coast) and you are by far an excellent educator, captivating your audience with thorough and easy to follow forecasting.

KHOU 11 needs to know from your viewers that it’s obvious your passion for the weather and educating makes you a pleasure to watch and learn from, thank you. Read more news click here 

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