Washington Commanders vs. Dallas Cowboys | Week 4 2022 Game Highlights

Washington Commanders vs. Dallas Cowboys | Week 4 2022 Game Highlights. LETS GO RUSH. Dude’s been an absolute rock for us since Dak got hurt. Man deserves a contract.

As much as I do not like the cowboys, it is probably a better option to stick with Rush as your QB. Dak is aight, but with Rush and his tendency to prevent turnovers, it’s obvious that he is a good QB to keep.

Daks just a stat padding QB, if the Dallas Cowboys put Romo back in that playoff game against the pack they’d at least played against the falcons that year that O-Line and Zeke made him look good.

I would sign him an offer him 10 million a year rather than paying Dak at least 35 million a year, also Dak looked bad his first game.

He’s barely had over 200 yards passing each game and is averaging 1 touchdown. That’s not going to fly when the defense starts giving up more points. He’s a good game manager at best. The defense is dominant this year and is winning these games.

It is such a relief to have landed players like Parsons and Diggs. Diggs really has made those small adjustments this year and he looks so much better. Rush is starting to get into season form and you can see his confidence in those big throws.

It’ll be sad when he gets benched next week. Rush throws a better ball than Dak. Just kinda obvious. Also, this highlight reel did not show the Cee Dee Lamb TD.

I like Dak as a person. Like his effort . But that ball comes out of Rush’s hand and is a smooth, accurate pass. Dak is not a bad passer, but he has accuracy issues. He also does not throw a very accurate deep ball . Not a lot of Dak bombs being completed in my memory.

Trevon Diggs has been phenomenal this year. I wonder what the next thing will be about him, because the yards are down, and he’s still getting his ints.

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Good game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. Good to see Iowa moving up and the state finally getting their own football team in the NFL!

Why did the video just ignore the score that made it go from Dallas 15 to Dallas 22? It was a good play by Cee Cee too, but they did show all the crap runs by Elliott.

Dallas Cowboys defense is for real. 4 games played and each team has earned a touchdown but didn’t score another touchdown that game.

Way To Go Dallas Cowboys In Rush We Trust 4-0 As The Starter

Trevon Diggs is out to prove a lot of people wrong this year. AGAIN. Dude is legit. Donovan Wilson doesn’t get enough credit. Dude has been an absolute beast so far this season.

Dallas Cowboys is going crazy this year with Copper Rush on the field and that defence for them a so so good. Good win CowBoys 3 and 1 need some work to do out there Washington.

Defense wins championships hopefully we can keep this momentum going. He would have had over three hundred yards passing but they kept pass interfering to prevent tha.

Gotta give it to rush. He is smart with the ball, distributes it all over the field and does his best to keep the ball moving hasn’t really made stupid decisions. He’s not flashy or stealing anyone’s job but he is doing a good job as dallas quarterback.

I’m really surprised how we’ve started this season i thought ending in to the year we would start of terrible but i was wrong this is really crazy to say the least. Dallas Cowboys very good player.

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