What will the WNBA miss the most about Sue Bird?  All About Sue Bird

What will the WNBA miss the most about Sue Bird?  here are about this question. Bittersweet moment for Sue Bird. I really wish you would have went out with the title, but her legacy was long set. It’s a shame that she never gets mentioned as one of the all-time grades in any sport.

It’s a shame that the WNBA gets ridiculed basically for women doing an absolutely nothing but playing a sport that they love. She will walk into the Hall of Fame and she will forever be one of the all-time great athletes in pro sports.

Her impact. She’s literally the best point guard in WNBA history, and it’s not even close. Ok let’s look at this. Serena Williams last match and the world is tuned in. Sue bird retires. Who cares. I don’t even know who she is.

I honestly never knew who she was until this year. WNBA does a horrible job promoting their players and the game.

Sue Bird’s final interview of her WNBA career

What an amazing and legendary career. Sue Bird set an incredible standard in the WNBA and it’s been an honor to witness your greatness. Thank you, Sue Bird!

A true legend of the game….thank you Sue for all the wonderful highlights you’ve given us over the years.

Such positive vibes. Bittersweet departure, but I’m sure she’ll stay involved with the organization. Champion-hearted, congrats to the GREAT Sue Bird .

I’m so proud of Sue and going to miss watching her play. I hope she stays connected to the game and to the W. Her presence is very much needed.

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Congrats to Sue on a very respectable and honorable career. She gave a lot to the sport and brought much pride to Seattle and the U.S. Olympic teams. That being said, if I were picking a team, there’s still no way I’d take her over Chelsea Gray.

To me and many others Chelsea has shown throughout this series that she is the best clutch player in the WNBA (not just today, but maybe the leagues history).

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