Ned Fulmer OUSTED From The Try Guys After Workplace Affair

Ned Fulmer OUSTED From The Try Guys After Workplace Affair. All the best to Ariel and their children. I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now. Shoutout to this group of men holding their friend accountable and aiding with his wife.

Here are all Reaction about Ned Fulmer

Only thing is, from what I’ve seen they already knew. They didn’t take action until after it was made public. Isn’t the best look you know. He cheated with Alex from food babies. Poor Ariel and the kids. Also Alex’s fiancé. So selfish of them.

Not really. Receipts are coming out that Ned has a history of drunkenly flirting and getting touchy with girls in clubs, even while the other Try Guys were present. So it’s less holding him accountable as a friend, and more preserving the integrity of their business now that everything’s out in the open.

No way. That’s crazy. So sad. Ned Fulmer seemed to be all about his wife. Feel bad for his kids. This is why you should never believe in social media. Not everything is what it looks like. He seemed like a devoting husband, and look.

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Don’t apologize to us. Ned ur partner deserves better and you should make it up to ur spouse. Was it worth it? Right? I’ve been waiting for someone to talk about this.

This man really outed himself when Ned Fulmer said “I lost focus of my family and and had a “consensual workplace relationship”. It wasn’t just a kiss. It was a whole damn affair.

I’ve been watching the try guys for over 5 years now and Ned’s whole stick was hey I’m Ned I’m married I love my wife. I’ve been watching the tryguys since 2014 and this is extremely heartbreaking. I feel for Ariel and her babies… I’m sending them love and good vibes.

Can you imagine being Ariel right now? She was just a normal youtuber with a family and now her husband’s infidelity is on Entertainment Tonight.

My problem with this is we do know who the affair was with, Ned Fulmer producer Alexandria Herring and her fiancé well now ex fiancé deleted all of their engagement pictures off his account and made his account private but no one is calling her out.

or the try guys haven’t announced her being let go from the company yet. It takes two to cheat and they were both in committed relationships and she isn’t getting any backlash even Ned on his account said it was with a coworker. I hope Ariel and her sons are ok because her family is the one that is affected by this.

It’s a more tricky situation. He was her boss and she was his employee. Firing her now can be a problem as she can sue the company saying she was a subordinate and there was a power imbalance so she couldn’t say no to his advances. This is any media company’s PR nightmare. I guess she will be let go a little discreetly with a small settlement.

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I know it just frustrates me that he is the only one to get criticism, WHICH HE SHOULD, but she was also apart of the affair but isn’t receiving backlash or even being called out because he was her boss but she made the choice to have the affair with a married man and to cheat on her fiancé/boyfriend of 10 years.

This is why we can’t have nice things. Talk about shitting all over everything him and the guys worked for all these years. Not to mention Ariel, of course. I’m glad they served ties with him as soon as this happened. He put all of them – Ariel, the kids, the guys, everyone who works in the company, himself – all in jeopardy and for what? Unbelievable.

Right. The only difference is that he’s her boss so it has extra weight on his part. Like, what were they thinking…. Sigh.

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