A look back at Jean-Luc Godard is most famous films

A look back at Jean-Luc Godard is most famous films. I watched these films when they turned up at odd times on BBC 2 and channel 4. I was so impressed how cool and sophisticated French people were compared to us Brits.

One of the very worst and at the same time the way this “entitled” brute treated Agnes varda. Utterly disgusting. Atleast varda is a great filmmaker. Godard

A simple story told in a revolutionary, completely original style. Turns out to be one of the greatest and most influential films ever made. The whole idea is that things happen not because of human will or volition but due to other things happening. And talk about aces casting.

Belmondo was just perfect all the way down to when he shuts his own eyes at the end. Seberg had just the right combination of prettiness, airiness and self centeredness. I could watch this film in a theater once a month. And that is the place to see it.

BREATHLESS : Michel, a petty thief, steals a car and impulsively murders a policeman. Hence, he creates an escape plan to hide away in Italy so he pursues his love interest Patricia, to come along with him.

MAYANADI : Maathen, who works for a gang, is on the run after accidentally killing a police officer. However, his decision to meet his beloved Aparna before moving out of the country puts his life in danger.

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