Elisabeth Moss on Directing The Handmaid is Tale & Reinstating Joseph Fiennes’ Penis

Elisabeth Moss on Directing The Handmaid’s Tale & Reinstating Joseph Fiennes’ Penis. One of the best scenes I’ve ever seen is of Elizabeth doing the labor and delivery scene and handmaid‘s tale. She was awesome.

I don’t know how she does it, her craft is DEEP. I’m watching Handmaids AGAIN for the 5th time from the beginning and she’s just amazing. I can’t wait to see where they take this story.

I feel this conversation is an example of how females often downplay or are asked to downplay their accomplishments. My god, Moss has already directed a total of 7 episodes in two well-known shows /established TV platforms and has 10 credits of being executive producer or producer on IMDb.

Add to that her directorial debut was last season, not this season — which Kimmel didn’t seem too aware of — so for the main story to be for her as a “first time director” feels a little dumbing-down of her accomplishments. In any case, very proud of Moss’ body of work, have loved her since her Mad Men days.

Maybe you can imagine how “unique” it is for me to watch this clip when I’ve never seen Handmaid’s Tale. She was a delightful guest.

“How do you keep being in a totalitarian sect and playing a character fighting a totalitarian state on TV apart?” Great question that was not asked.

What’s disturbing about any interview with Moss or Tom Cruise is you know a member of “the church” is on set. Maybe several keeping tabs and her. Makes you wonder how she’s really feeling.

She’s amazing. I love her. I remember her in her Excedrin commercial in the mid nineties. I knew she had the right stuff ever since then. Thank you Elisabeth Moss for being you!!

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Jimmy, will you please text her and ask her when she’s making the next series of Top of the Lake? They left us on a cliff-hanger.

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