1 Alabama football vs Texas | 2022 College Football Highlights

1 Alabama football vs Texas | 2022 College Football Highlights. The first two weeks of college football have been insane. As a Texas fan this is like the best version of a loss we could have got. It sucks still but I don’t feel too bad about it.

Texas missed a big tackle at the end, a dropped INT early that would have put them in FG range and really just a ton of other mistakes. The also were unlucky on the safety play and losing their starting QB and the missed PI in the first that would have set them up great for a chance at a TD,

but simply said they let this one slip away. Still even though it was a loss, I think Texas proved a lot and probably should be ranked next week. I think Alabama should lose that number 1 ranking too. Not that it really matters this early in the season.

The media was trashing the Texas Defense all week. I hope they keep that same energy all year, they tore bama up for most of the game!

Texas had the game won with the corner blitz on the last Alabama drive but swung and missed. Difference between victory and defeat is inches.

Sarkisian had a great game plane against Alabama . He knows how to beat Alabaman and had a good blue print . This was a great game by both QB’s and Bryce Young showed why he is the reigning Heisman Winner.

Wow! What a great call by the defensive coordinator for Texas on the corner blitz. That corner just has to make the play. That’s the difference between eating steak and sandwiches right there.

I remember when people said Texas was going to regret wanting to join the SEC. They gave Bama one of the best early season games against an unranked opponent in a long time!

Bro bama not the only good team in the sec Texas gone have to do this season long with injuries and all be real.

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That missed field goal to end the first half… Said it as soon as it happened this game would be decided due to that miss. Such a shame it played out this way… I guess the big question is… Is Alabama ranked to high or is it ridiculous that Texas isn’t ranked at all?

Called it last year and I’m calling it again we are “not” winning a chip this year. O line is average and defense is below that we have zero dogs on this team and Young is one hit away from being out for the season.

Sabin and the entire staff have gotten complacent and it showed today with all of the stupid penalties only a team with no fear does that.

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