Adam Levine EXPOSED for Cheating on PREGNANT Wife & Requested to Use Mistress’ Name for 3rd Baby

Adam Levine EXPOSED for Cheating on PREGNANT Wife & Requested to Use Mistress’ Name for 3rd Baby. This reminds me of my sister in law’s story with the name. She had a daughter before she met my brother and the father heavily insisted the baby’s middle name be Katherine.

Three months after the baby’s birth she found out he had been cheating with a woman named Kate. She left him and changed the name. It’s just so twisted. My Daddy told Mama she couldn’t name me but Mama did it anyway. 12 years later we are at the Orthopedic Clinic next to a woman looking just like Mama and a a girl who could have been my twin.

Years later and n high school friends said they knew my twin and wanted to introduce us which she rejected. My older cousins said she was Daddy’s brother’s daughter which I still don’t believe. Mama said to not be mad at the girl. Adults create a lot of mess for future generations to deal with.

Learned of this on Twitter. Just as shocking as him cheating is the mistress being called out because of her saying ‘I was young, naive and easily manipulated’ when it seems that she may have orchestrated this or at the very least knew he was married.

I used to listen to Maroon 5 when they 1st came on the scene but it seemed like AL’s head got big and i was no longer a fan.

Hope his wife and children can weather this and IF she chooses to stay for her family then, I wish them the best. Marriage isn’t easy, trust me, and being publicly humiliated while pregnant is utterly cruel. He’s a dirt bag and I don’t think the other woman is going to prosper as she think she might. We’ll see how things play out.

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The mistress is also a jackass. She knew he was married for almost 10 years now. Nowhere in her “exposing video” does she take accountability or apologize. I only feel for his wife and children. They are innocent in this.

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