Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Having a Life-Saving Abortion

Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Having a Life-Saving Abortion. (Chrissy Teigen) I think it’s very unfortunate that the baby’s life couldn’t be continued. Why go public with such a personal item?

Chrissy Teigen Reveals She Had an Abortion

Reframing a procedure akin to abortion as a life saving event is political and screams victim hood…and reinforces why she is so unlikeable. Poor John Legend- I hope she gives you what you want.

Celebrities don’t have to tell EVERYTHING about their private lives. I know they think they are trying to help someone, but no. You don’t have to announce every pregnancy, every surrogate, invite

every mental evaluation, every adoption, coming out. It’s not our business. You really don’t have to share everything. We will figure it out or not. And you don’t have to be a saviour for the world. Nice gesture, but not your responsibility. Not everything, every time. You are entitled to your privacy!

Regardless of how you feel about her, this was a very unfortunate situation to be in. Save your own life because you still have 2 kids to look after or let go of your unborn child n live with the guilt for the rest of your life? Truly heartbreaking .

I get the feeling she’s trying to use things for attention and therefore changing the wording around ever since she was caught bullying and telling a teenager to off herself, she’s been trying to come off as this angelic woman who is suffering and then relevant.

Wow it’s moments like this that people have to make difficult decisions. There is something miss in this ladys’ life, its like she NEEDS attention, geesh, keep it to yourself. Chrissy was waiting till she wasn’t talked about to bring up this.

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If you had to make that decision then why would you choose to possibly put your life at risk again by going through Ivf again when you already have 2 kids and they have a boy and a girl.

From what they have said it seems that it’s difficult for her to conceive and to maintain a healthy pregnancy so why not quit while you’re ahead. Celebrities can never be happy with what the universe has given them, you have money fame healthy kids and you’re still pushing for more.

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